Client Testimonials

It took over a month for PC911 to look at my mac book, it took Mac Made Easy only 24 hours to fix it.

Richard T., Kailua Kona, HI

I’ve done business with Betty & MME since they opened. I’ve driven from Wahiawa to Kailua by passing Apple Retail Stores & Best Buy . Ive worked for Apple many years, and there is nothing like local home town service. The other great thing is all apple retail USA wide is the same price. Like any mechanical or technical device. Some people just seem to have bad karma and find it easy to lay responsibility on the closet
source! If you live on the Windward side and drive to town. What a waste o gas!!

Cliff Jenkins, Wahiawa, HI

If you want no-BS service for any Apple devices that you have, come here! If you want to have friendly service where you can ask all kinds of questions ranging from total newbie-ish stuff to power user type topics, come here too!

Brian B., Honolulu, HI

I was super happy to have this store opened up.  They have been making many improvements including the expansion and now offering free classes and other services.  They have a great staff! Highly recommend for your Apple needs!

Dani T.